Well it's been a while since I posted any updates in my car. I got bored with the Rustler bodies so I thought I'd try to get a Stampede body on my Rustler. I'm sure it's been done but I haven't seen it yet. I messed around with different mount configurations and ended up flipping the front mount upside down and then I took the extra posts from the rpm front mount and put longer screws through the rear shocks and attached the mounts to the back of the shock tower. Also I got rid of my Integy piggyback shocks ( thank god ) and got a set of big bores, xxl size front and back to compensate for the wide front suspension and put on traxxas green springs and traxxas green aluminum caps. I got tired of my rear camber links breaking so I modified some Losi links to fit the rear and I have no problems with them now. Just today I added a green traxxas grave digger front bumper to it but I like the width of the RPM bumper so I attached the traxxas bumper over the RPM bler. I'm happy with how it came out. Oh yeah i also got a black upper and lower chassis. Here's some updated pics.