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    ok new issue, starving for fuel???

    Ok for most of the other issues sorted out now a new one. After making 2-3 really good fast runs my 2.5 dies, takes about 2-3 minutes to refire?? It acts like its starves for fuel and just quits??? What would cause it to die after several full throttle runs? I have fattened it up ALOT , then leaned it back out slowly, seems to idle high after the high speed runs..... HELP!!!!

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    After high-speed runs and you let off the throttle the carb closes so until the LSN can take over the engine will be lean. It should only take a second or two for it to come back down, if not then the LSN is lean. Also, if the LSN is lean then the engine will sound like Chewbacca as it winds down.
    As for it shutting off, will it start back up when cool? Typical sign of a worn sleeve/piston.
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