I've been playing with punch control all the way from highest to lowest. And I do not like punch control at all so I left it disabled. So I started playing with torque limiting. I turned it all the way down to .2 just for the heck of it. LOL !!! Anyone that first buys one of these cars I would suggest to turn it down to .2 . It is actually hard to spin the tires at all. Wish I would of did this when I first bought the car !! It turns the car into a skill level 1 car !! But anyways I lost about 5-6 mph doing this. Or maybe it would of caught back up to what it normally gets up to in a longer stretch. My question is... At which torque setting do you guys run for just bashing around with a max of 74-75mph ?? I'm starting to be a little more careful with this car because I've been replacing alot of worn out parts lately. It is kinda nice to just mash the throttle and it goes straight as an arrow but it is pretty boring !!! I'm thinking about trying 1.0 next. Have any of you guys ever had it set at .2 ?? It was very interesting !! LOL