I bought my first RC car ever, figured why not start with the best, so i bought the e-revo brushless. It worked beautifully for about 5 minutes. then the trouble started. The nice tones i used to hear when i turned it on turned into a louder almost grind sound. the steering works but when i try to move forward or back everything trembles and shakes, even the steering, the esc resets and all leds flash and the Rx led flashes red then green. when i return to neutral it stops and i get the same sound as if i just turned it on. i followed the tut on checking the servos and found the same thing happens when i connect the speed to the steering... i turn the wheel and the esc led lights green for a split second then acts the same as previously described. does this mean it is not the Rx or esc and might be a motor problem? i also have to reset my TQi Tx in order to get a green light on the Rx after testing a bit. anyone have any help for me? lol my car is only a few days old and i am missing out on potentially the last of the nice driving days! thanks for reading