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    Motor & ESC Setups - Rustler VXL

    Hey All - New to the forum, actually I have been reading the forum for a couple months now. Everyone, for the most part is respectful along with very helpful! Really cool to see...

    Wanted to purpose a question to the group - You have (2) or multiple VXL Rustlers, no budget or just a bit of patience to do whatever you wanted to them. What would your setups be? Please by all means include any and all mods that you would want to do.

    Ill add mine in a week or so depending on replies as I start my new build - Waiting for all my parts to arrive! Reason for the question is I haven't decided on the motor & ESC combo's I want to try yet. Of course I want to try a Mamba Monster setup but I am curious to see what others have thought about doing if they could do anything on their car?

    Again, really cool to see the support from all! Hope this question sparks some interest.

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    Welcome to the forums! I'd go with the MMM on a carbon fiber chassis with a protrac kit, and everything else aluminum... rolling on foams or glocks of course.
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    Mm 4600 or 3800 and 2-3s lipo. Tons of fun and power and good to 70ish mph safely. STRC LCG kit with protrac is what I have and love it.
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