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    and now it is cold

    Hey to all

    My summit is pretty new aug birthday present so just coming up on two months maybe twenty
    five packs bone stock cept for the 2 hot racin shock bodies which with a lot of reading and help
    from jimmi and a few others i got that over siZed bore cured.

    Now i see the springs for the revo slash slash r shorter since the rockers r long throw on the summit the black
    spring almost coil binds because of their quarter inch shorter stature because of the short throw rockers on the revo
    am i correct with this revo rocker being a short throw rocker?

    I have this truck rocking fast and handling great from the driveway to the gravel storage piles flips dont happen unless you back off the throttle.

    Really enjoying this truck and i have the set up perfect for 70' weather
    but at midnight it was to dang cold 39'

    So beware summit owners the revo springs are shorter

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    Summit springs are a tad longer
    I like that also since there is less preload
    Another benefit is you don't have to watch ur temps as often but the cold will make plastic break/snap easier

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