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    thinking of building a 4x4 form the ground up

    hey everyone i have a 2wd slash among many nitro trucks, but i need a new project and was thinkn about a 4x4. i am open for thoughts ideas any info you guys got. such as what types of chassis are u guys running. the truck will be a racer/basher but when i do a project i wanna do it right the first time. all with bad *** parts the first time.

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    It costs a lot to build one from the ground up with all new parts.
    My first choice if you wanted all new parts would be to start with an Ultimate roller on fleabay. Plenty of chop shops that break them down and sell off components. I find I can usually get a better deal buying slightly used excellent condition rollers as lets face it, after a couple of runs a new one isnt going to be new anymore.

    Im running a heavily modified Slash 4x4.

    TRCE chassis, long arms and adjustable chassis

    Well shoot...Its easier to post a link...

    Heres my slash 4x4

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    im converting my slash 4x4 to a rally and i have a spare chassis and chassis parts ill part with, if youre interested, PM me for details

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