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    Slash 2wd to vxl 3s combo gearing questions?

    My velineon 3500kv motor is getting way too hot like too hot to touch and I was concerned I might fry motor. So I wanted to know what gearing is best for the average basher. My slash is all stock except for the traxxas steel output yokes and I run the stock nimh 3000mah battery, please help and thanks in advanced.

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    I'd start by making sure the gear mesh isn't too tight and check for any bind in the drivetrain. Your motor shouldn't be getting that hot just running on a stock 3000 8.4v NiMH. I don't know how old your Slash is but maybe clean and lubricate the front bearing on the motor and lube the wheel bearings. I don't have a velineon, so someone else is going to have to discuss proper gearing with you (unless your gearing is stock).
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    You need a temp gun to really know how hot your motor temps are. On a cool day 128F feels pretty hot.

    You shouldn't have any trouble with 18/83 or 19/86 gearing but that will be a little boring with the velineon. Get a temp gun and work your way up to 23/83 and beyond.
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    I ran the stock gearing (23/86) with the original battery and a 9.6 volt. Most of the time is was too hot to touch, but didn't stop. I added a 2S and then 3S. The 3S would thermally shut it down if run in grass.

    I switched to a 19/86 for all my runs and no problems any thus far (10 batteries).

    I don't have a temp gun...just letting the ESC to figure it out.

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    Gotta agree with these guys. 19/86 for a 3S. A temp gun is a good idea, and can be bought on ebay cheap.
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    Ya on 3s 18/86 and temps are good unless im running real real hard for 15+ min then its pretty warm. Run on grass cut real low. Also added a heatsink and fan to the motor, hardly gets warm anymore...

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