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    I kind of went crazy. I first put in the seperate cooling line mod, and that worked well. Motor and ESU were 100 degrees, but ESU caps were 180 degrees. So, I put my thinking cap on, and put in that CC Cap Pack. What I did was make a mounting plate that fits behind the ESU, and on top of the Rx box. The mounting plate stops at the Rx indicator lite. I also used the mounting plate to mount the ESU battery wires. Traxxas wanted the CC Cap Pack wires to be with in 3" of the ESU...I'm at 1 1/2". They said with this CC Cap Pack you could have a total wire length (from ESU to Battery) of 8". I shortened all my battery leads, and I'm now at 5".

    Then when I thought I couldn't get crazier, I made (out of brass) 2 port water cooled cap heat sinks for both the CC Cap pack and the ESU caps. With my 2 port rudder, I bring one water line to left port of the CC Cap Pack heat sink, then the water line goes to the left side of the ESU cap heat sink, then to the ESU, and then out the boat. The other line follows the same cap path, but then goes to the moter, and out the boat. All caps have heat sink compound applied between them and their respective heat sinks. I just now finished testing power up, and all works well. All I have left is to test water flow, and I will do that tomorrow. I don't anticipate any problems, because adding the heat sinks only added 3" of watter line. I will use my little water flow tester (that I made a while back) that fits on to my boat's rudder to perform the test.

    I also made carbon fiber heat shields for underneath the electronics, and for the styrofoam in front of the equipment area to protect the hull incase of a future melt down. Anyway, wish me luck with my water flow test.
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