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    How does Low cg chassis benefit a rustler??

    Im thinking about buying the low cg chassis carbon fiber for my rustler im hearing this will make my rustler go alot faster due to the low cg is this true?? i have a 5700 kv motor in my rustler with mmp esc my goal is to get my rustler to get as much top speed as i can 80 would be nice...just want to experiment and see how fast i could make my rustler go

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    Try this link, it explains the changes a low cg set up will make & how that may impact other areas of handling

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    I'm not sure there is a lcg available for the Rustler because it would be difficult to go much lower without a lot of modification. The Slash lcg actually uses a Rustler chassis to transform it into a low center of gravity truck.

    You can however, add the strc lcg kit to a Rustler to extend your truck to almost a Slash length which reduces some wheelie-ing on speed runs.
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