Whatís up Guys,

So I realized.... This hobby just started costing me much more. lol. As u guys very well know, this hobby isnít cheap. I save money across the board in my life, (without being a cheapo) But for the hobby I just hand over the Cash/debit card and never look back...lol But now, I have a bashing buddy.. Awesome! Except for this bashing buddy comes out of my pocket also

As you guys have seen, "his and hers" Pedes... Mines the pink one, and her is the red.. I mean mine is the red. lol.Right thatís it.

But for the first time, we got to get a bash session in together. My lady isnít exactly, hand eye coordinated "her words" so sheís already had breakages and driven under a few trucks. (while still squeezing the throttle) But its all good... It was a great time! And for once, hers the two of us. My Work is actually in the background. One of the last nice weather Saturday well have here in Utah.

Us holding our trucks in our Proline shirt. Cool thing, she loves her Proline shirt. Makes me happy every time she wears it too Wonder why.... hmm....

Weird to match Faces to typed words eh? lol.

helion dominus. lol.

Our trucks and the mobile Workspace.... First Item... Duct Tape.

Her Remote.. An indication of where I am going with her Hummer body

Funny thing I realized. Figured id get a 2nd set of wheels/tires... So I did so. Yet now, Its all DOUBLE the cost.. What Iím mean..

Btw.. Obsessed with Tires much? Lol. This doesnít include my 4 sets of 1/16 on-road wheels and tires, 4 sets of SC tires, or new Stock Pede Tires under the workspace. Lol