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    Tmaxx 2.5 carb question

    i was wondering is there a carb i can use on the 2.5 that is harder to stall than the stock one. my truck is pretty old and the engine is fairly new. the transmission is hard to shift into reverse if the idle is too high, but when its too low it stalls sometimes. hope this makes sense. not worried too much about performance as much as reliability. my son likes to drive the truck but gets frustrated when it stalls. he also hates waiting while i tune it and get it running good.

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    There's nothing wrong with the carb's design, you just need to get the engine tuned correctly.

    If it's idling high you need to retune it, both HSN & LSN as the LSN is the main factor for "idle speed", if it's on the lean side it will idle too high.
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