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    i have had my p4de for a couple months now and am having some troubles i know you guys will solve for me.i am all stock other then stock caps and clear gear cover, and things that are irrelevent to the performance of the truck.i am not in training mode so its not that either
    1. when i punch the throttle form a standing start it stutters for the first 3 feet then takes off full speed,is this to do with the mesh of the pinion/ spur gear?
    2. when i drive on asphalt and it gets up to full speed the rear wheel , the right one to be exact, starts shaking and the truck is bouncing as it drives, like it has hydraulics in only 1 wheel!is that the bearings going bad or what could that be
    3. no wheelies!tires arent worn, slippers is tight and recalibrated esc!have no clue what the no wheelies could even be, i'm starting to think is has something to do with #1 though so if i get that problem solved then 3 might be solved! just kind of confused that i have 3 problems at once. the truck drives and handles fine so its a good truck, however i'm running the stock batt. that came with it and another battery that is identical except for name brand!thank you for all help!
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