I am bagging my head on this one.

Short story--I have a eStampede and have upgraded to brushless. HobbyWing EZRUN 60 amp ESC with a Tacon brushless motor. I have been using the 27Mhz radio without a problem. Figured I would upgrade so I got a traxxas 6509 2c hannel radio with 5 channel receiver.

Syncing the TX and RX was fine. Steering servo works with no issue. The problem that I am having is programming the throttle. Channel 2 will not program. I have reset the remote to default for electric cars, i have tried reversing the throttle and nothing is happening.

To get fresh eyes on it i took it to LHS with manuals and they could not get it to work either.

Anyone have any ideas on how to get this to work? Any help would be appreciated.