1. I understand that if I'm not going to use my LiPo batteries for a few days, they should have a "storage" charge. But what if I decide if I want to go out and play? Just pop it in the car and go or do I need to throw it back on the charger for a little while first?

2. My son and I usually drive our Stampedes every other day. Occasionally they will go as long as five days between use. On the days they're used every other day, should we charge them right away, the day before or that day? For example, If we use them on a Sunday, but dont plan on using then agian until Tuesday. Is it OK to run them Sunday until the ESC cuts them off then recharge them Monday evening? Or should we recharge them after we use them?

3. Also will I notice a difference going from 3300 mAh NiMH to a 7600 mAh 2S LiPo? Since we just got our Stampedes about a month ago, we're content with how fast it goes for now. We're mainly looking for longevity.

Thank you,