Hey guys I have been debating the Pede 4x4 for some time. I currently have a built Pede vxl with REM tranny, Protrac, Trenchers, STRC bulkhead, ANZA caster blocks, etc. What are the pro/cons of the Pede 4x4? For those running the Protrac, how much better is it than stock? I had an ERBE which is a fantastic truck, but seemed overkill for my needs. I like the idea of 4x4, but don't want excessive maintenence. From what I see the Slash/Pede 4x4 systems look more simplified than the ERBE, is this a correct assumption? What other upgrades are must have's right off the bat? I will be turning 40 in February, so hopefully I can start a new chapter in my Pede book. Thanks, dc