Sure it's been posted before but I couldn't find anything in stone on google. I have an older widemaxx, originally a 2.5 now a 3.3 chassis converted electric with Dewalt motor. The rear shafts didn't even last a charge. I noticed them twisting so I filled them with brake line but instead it broke the male end of both shafts right up by the yoke. I can get a full set of the new brushless or 3.3 shafts with the rubber boots on the bay for $20 after shipping. Do I need to get the knuckles too or will the new shafts work in the older knuckles? Anything else I need? I did read the Summit shafts are stronger but they go for twice as much, are they that much stronger or will the brushless/3.3 shafts hold up to a 14.4v dewalt and 2x 2s lipos and a spool in the rear?