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    Upper Suspension Arm Lubricant Trick

    Last year when I was doing my off season maintenance, I did several posts. One of them was on setting up Traxxas's big bore shocks, and how to modify the Emax's suspension arms/bulkheads in order to get the most out of the suspension. This year, I wanted to have a better way of applying lube to my upper suspension arm pivot points during my RC season with out having to pull my suspension pins in order to lube them. I can definitely tell the difference in my suspensions' performance as my suspensions' pivot points stiffen up.

    The lower suspension pivot points, I can lube just fine due to how they are naturally set up, but the tops are tuff. Here is a picture of what I did. So far, it seems to be working pretty good.

    The holes are just big enough to get a lube tube in. When I first put my pivot pins in (for the season) I use waterproof grease, then after that I spray in lithium or silicon lube until my next off season maintenance period...or, when/if I have to change a broken pin.
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    Always enjoy the maintenance posts. I have to try some lube as my sqeek all the time lol

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