Got a Kawasaki Edition head'n my way, so I've been read'n alot of topics on this forum and I like to thank you all for all the info!!!! Glad to have found a place that helps everyone with any issues!!! Little about me.....I'm a 1/64 slotcar painter/racer, my 13 yo son did'nt really pick up the slotcar addiction as I did so I tried RC.....and WOW does he dig it!!!! Got him a Slash 4x4 and he's love'n it!!!! I have a rc10t3 and a Thunder Tiger Sparrowhawk XXB, but the Traxxas rally car kept pop'n my interest, so I had to have one!!! Esp. after hit'n the forum!!! So once again Thanks a bunch for the good reading and don't get mad if I ask some stoopid questions!!!!!