Hi all,been away from the hobby for a couple years babys and buying my first house will do that to a guy lol. Anyway I finally got back in to the game with my recent purchase of slash 4x4. I have a few questions if you all wouldnt mind helping. tomorrow i am going to buy the 2400 sct castle system. first i will list what ive done to the truck,then any ideas you guys have for what else i should do to handle this motor combo, would be greatly appreciated.thanks in advance.

so far I have upgraded RPM arms and towers, strc bellcranks, mip xduty front/rear revo slipper, ten-t shocks. venom 2s batteries and venom pro charger. I will also be purchasing the kings head motor mount,rr pinions 15-22t, 50 and 52 spurs.and either gens ace or spc 3s lipos for now.again thanks for any help and it is great to be back.