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    Tire wheel advise

    I'm looking for a second set of wheels for my truck. My dream is a low aspect ratio rim/tire combination for display and street use. I would love to be able to get a 5 spoke black chrome wheel with a non aggressive tread pattern. Not a strictly road look just a very small knobby.

    Any help? My LHS is great in a lot of respects but they don't have a lot in this area. I know it's a stadium truck with the offset and all so there aren't a lot of "SCT" options. Are there any large rims with lower sidewall tires to net the same overall height that will work?

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    Not sure such a solution is available.
    I keep a set of tires for every condtion I run on as there really isnt an all purpose tire.
    Anything with knobs on it wont have knobs for long on the street.
    Im running the Proline street fighter on beadlocs that appear lower in profile but really are not and have good wear on pavement with a non agressive tread pattern.

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    I'm looking for the same thing as you and have decided on these. They look B*TCH!

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