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    Up in Flames II (Hi Money pitů)

    Up in Flames II (Hi Money pitů)
    Hi everyone,
    I drove an r/c for the first time in 20 years this afternoon. An ERBE of all things. Wow. I bought the car off EBay with lots of goodies on it:

    Integy aluminium steering assembly
    RPM arms all around
    Extra chassis plate
    Steel CVD's
    Traxxas Exo-Carbon rear wing
    Integy Aluminium front Bumper
    Extra T-Bone front bumper
    Traxxas Aluminium Pushrods
    Traxxas Sway Bars
    Aluminium Rear Shock Tower
    Integy Aluminium Servo cages
    RPM Hubs

    I had been running it for about half an hour when the MM caught fire. Does the ESC need to be told its running S6 rather than S4? Would 23/54 gearing have caused any issues? What about the low voltage cut out? Could that have been incorrectly set? It cut through the cables right at the base of the ESC. I had not been doing anything serious with it. Would a slipping slipper clutch cause anything bad? Does the ESC need to be told its running S6? What about low voltage issues?

    Where should I be looking on the net to get new bits?

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