Well, after stalking the Summit fourms for a couple months, I'm thinking about getting one. First I'll list the things I like about it, then what I don't like about it.

Go anywhere ablitys.
Huge tires.
Cool looks.
High/Low transmission.
Locking diffs.
Revo (Or Slayer in my case) drive line.
Cool shock setup.
I love the green body and wheels.
Massive size.
DeWalt mod will fit.
LED's on front bumper.
Tough drivetrain.

Price, $600 with tax!
It's electric.
Slop in the transmission.
It's electric.
The tires don't like pavment very much.
It's electric.
It's electric.
Not alot of upgrades.
It's electric.
The tires can tear on sharp objects.
It's electric.
I know I can buy it used, but I'd rather spend the extra $$$ to get it brand new. I really don't like electric, (Like I didn't make that obvious, LOL.) because to really enjoy electric power to need to get a good brushless system and some lipos. I know the Summit doesn't need brushless to be fun, I'm just talking electric in general. I know you can get the DeWalt, but I'll still need lipos. I just really hate having to buy and recharger batterys in order to run it. If I get a Summit, I'll plan on getting the DeWalt for it. It will take me awhile to save up $600 bucks to get it, so I'll have plenty of time to think about this. What are some things you guys think I need/should get/add to my Summit if I get one? Any problem areas or pitfalls I should watch out for? Feel free to tell me any bad things about the Summit! What are the best upgrades I can get for the Summit? What is the best things I can do to make it last the longest? Sorry for asking so many questions, but I really just want to make sure spending the $600 is worth it. Thanks! -Wolfslash16