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Ok, Trx does not make it. He said he would order 300k, but it was from mugen. He called me and said he cannot get it through his distributor. He also said that the different companies rate them differently, thats why not to mix them. I have trx 100k, and will just have to mix it with the 500k to get something close to 300k. guess 60/40 should do it.

He also said that trx seems the thickest of all the brands to him.
Yeah I was trying to help you out. I put the handy dandy google to the test and couldnt come across anything. I know I have some 500k wt and the 125 or 100k wt in my ERBE/ EMBE box. Can't remember if there was any 300k. I meant to check it yesterday. I got side tracked with my 1/10 Rally & P4de. Plus a day off with the wife and kiddos.

BTW can't wait to see how the Lids come out.