Hi everyone I was wondering what order you think I should do these mods in (starting with things to make it more durable then for functionality and finally for all out fun). Also along the way I will add better servos, RPM, Traxxas upgrades ect. as they break. If you have any other mod ideas just post them down bellow.

Heres the list I have come up with:

-Long Travel Rockers
-Wheelie bar (I am going to make it spring loaded)
-4 channel TQi with docking base
-2 speed transmission
-telemetry censors
-Plasti dip servos
-Plasti dip ESC
-whater proof the motor (is this necessary?)
-summit drive shafts (is there something stronger?)
-T Lock differentials
-wider wheel base (what should I use?)

Also I would like to hear about better servos and a shroud to fit all of the mods (maybe a summit shroud?). Please include the Brand and any other information to help find the items.