Ok guys I was doing donuts with my slash when my back left wheel nut came loose and then my axle and wheel proceeded to strip itself and went from a hexagon to a circle... So morale of the story is I need a new axle and wheel. I want to order praline trenches on their split six rims and just use bead locks. I am not sure if brad locks will hold up to the 3s power? Next thing is I am having motor heat problems so I need a heatsink and fan and also I am need new gearing. I want gearing that will achieve 55 mph but if I punch it will be pull wheelie no problem, because I am running 23-86 gearing now and the only way I can get it to pop a wheelie is if I hit a speed bump on full throttle. Keep in mind I was using the stock tires which were basically bald so that might have something to do with it.