So. here i am i have multiple rc cars, 2 hpi blitz, 2 e-rustlers, 2wd E-Stampede, and a GS Racing Storm nitro 4wd buggy! i have been looking and looking for a new car to have some fun with and the e-maxx caught me! i was looking at a brushed version on runs about $450. im sure that would be enough to get me going, i do have a 5700kv SV2 set up in my blitz for racing it absolutely is a must have, with the emaxx being brushed i was wondering about upgrading it to a brushless set up. i've seen people with 2 brushless motors and so on i thought dual brushless was a unnecessary. maybe im wrong. lets see if i could get some help from all you emaxx owners. dual brushless ? single brushless? brushed? any precautions? any MUST UPGRADE Parts?

Thank you for you time! Hope to get enough confidence to get one!