I really like the new chassis a lot. I did lower my body some this week by almost a 1/4" I think that helped me out some for sure. I noticed other trucks sit very low so I will be lowering my lid even more next time at the shop which because of the huge Storm Sandy I will be at the shop today by 3pm while where closed to work on stuff.

I only have two weeks of testing and durability is not a problem at all. Setup wise I been working on mine making it better each weekend so far. Will try no sway bars as Lenman73 suggested and I wan to go just a tick slower oil in the rear from my 30wt to I think 32 1/2 and 35 front. Currently have 30wt rear and 32 1/2 front. Also want to move my camber links in the rear. I think I will shorten them one hole and see how that feels.

This weeks changes where going to the Traxxas rear alum. hubs to give me more rear toe in and moving my front steering link to the on the knuckle to the front hole instead of the rear hole (which really gave me some killer off power and mid steering. Took me a little to get use to.

Lenmen73 suggested trying with no sway bars so I will give it a try and see how it feels at out track and report results for everyone.