I have access to the SSC chassis LCG setup for the 4x4 Slash as one of my good friends races this setup and I work on his setup for him. I can run it anytime I want so thats not a problem. No the RCE I have ran when I customer brought one in for setup help on practice day at our track so I know what that was like. Very nice setup he had and to my knowledge the most expensive overall 4x4 Slash I have ever seen because it had every upgrade you could imagine and then some. It was a beautiful truck with I'm not kidding $1200 in it race ready.

The newest thing on the STRC chassis is the servo is laid flat and the new motor mounting system is like no other LCG setup on. Those are the first two noticable things about the truck. Overall though all LCG chassis will take away some body roll and result on a much lower racing profile. I know before I even get mine that my truck it better. Lower my overall CG as much as I will vs my stock 4x4 Slash is going to help.

I raced my stock 4x4 Slash this weekend and qualified 2nd and finished 2nd but had the fastest lap in the main. My truck with stock shocks on and chassis works almost flawlessly. I'm not sure what I would want in it to make it better but a lower chassis setup as it is a little tippy vs my buddies SSC chassis Slash and the Losi SCTE that my buddy TQ'ed with. My stock chassis setup was pulling wheelies off our back stretch lump onto the straight away every lap. My truck has great traction, killer off power steering and pretty good mid to steering coming out of the corners. I'm super happy but the new chassis I know is worth easily a few tenths just because I can hammer it in the areas it was tippy because of the higher CG.