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Thread: What to buy?

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    What to buy?

    Its been 25 years since I owned one of these and my 9 year old son wants to get one.

    So i figure I get him one now and maybe a 2nd for me down the road!

    My question is what to get him.

    We live on 2 acres of mowed grass but also have a track nearby. I would imagine initially it will be run around the house and then ultimately let him go nuts on the track and the yard.

    I am leaning Slash 4X4 ultimate over Stampede VXL although I could be swayed - I know unlikely in the Slash forum.

    Questions are:
    1. Could I adjust the Slash to make it more off road capable very easily without burning up the motor? If so what would this be? (Larger Wheels, etc)

    My thought on this is if i can do that for relatively cheap, then I could convert him to more of the track vehicle.

    My other option i was thinking of was to go with Stampede VXL, then if he gets ready for the track - buy a slash at that point.

    Open to thoughts and suggestions.

    Thanks guys...looking forward to working on these again.

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    the slash 4x4 is pretty much an all around truck for me. i am a basher but also go to the track often. the ultimate has pretty much all the upgrades you want to be bashed around. the ultimate comes with a center diff witch will help on the track, very easy to install, only 4 screews. for the track, i would ask to the people who race what tires they use, each track is different. for off road tires i will go badlands for running on grass and dirt. you can adjust the suspension at any time with the shock ring and change up or down holes.
    hope it was helpful
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    The stampede wont do track and yard very well.
    The slash can be tuned for both with out breaking the bank.
    Don't get me wrong, I enjoy my pedes as well, they just weren't made for track racing.
    Just my .02.
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    Kids love monster trucks.

    You said you might get another vehicle down the road so I would say go for the Stampede. Then if you and/or your son decide you are really enjoying the hobby you can get a Slash with the LCG chassis for racin'.
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    I run mostly on grass and as long as it mown once in a while a Slash 4x4 will handle driving on it right out of the box. With grass running you will want to have a temp gun on hand to check how your motor and esc are doing and if it runs too hot you can gear down a bit to keep it cooler. If your new Slash comes with the 4 pole motor you will most likely be geared perfectly right out of the box for running on grass. If you decide to switch tires (most people do), Pro-line Badlands are an excellent choice. I use Pro-line Trenchers, which are more of an all terrain tire, because I do some street running from time to time.

    I don't race, so I can't help you there.

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    Welcome to the forum and the addiction! You are among a group of people who share the love of the Traxxas Slash 4x4! If you have questions please feel free to ask. Remember we are here to help!

    I believe that I would go with the Slash 4x4 Ultimate Edition. You can turn it into a monster truck! The Slash 4x4 platform is very versatile.
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    like elsob said. ultimate. or if your bashing on rough terrain the pede is great. but if you jack up the slash and put some nice shockies and upgrades. it will be fast,durable,strong and alotta fun!

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    I'd go slash ultimate. Already has the lcg and some hop ups so it's stuff that won't be needed down the road
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    Either platform would be lots of fun. The slash would be better at the track while the stampede will be better on the grass. You can put larger tires and increase the ride height on the slash and it would be decent in the grass and with just a few changes it will be a blast on the track. Which ever one you get you probably not regret because these are similar platforms and can be converted to one another within a few hours.
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