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    slayer pro 3.3 fuel source

    i ordered a slayer pro 3.3 and need to know if it just takes nitro or nitro gas mix

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    20% nitro with 12%oil for break in will get u goin

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    Welcome to the fourms, and the Slayer fourms! Just nitro, normally just 20% nitro content...
    Is owning 25 RC's too many?... Nope!

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    The main fuel base in Nitro fuel is Methanol or as most people call it Alcohol mixed with a certain percentage of nitro methane and whatever 2 stroke oil package the manufacturer uses which is normally a synthetic/castor blend. You never want to run gas in a nitro engine, reason being gasoline is more explosive than nitro fuel and it will blow one of these tiny engines apart. Methanol only becomes explosive under high compression but in these small engines, the methanol alone is not enough to create the power needed (the added power comes from the nitro content). Methanol is also used in these small engines because it burns much cooler than gasoline and at 30,000 rpms it's needed.

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