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    many problems with my p4de. please help

    It all began when i broke my front center drive shaft and replaced it with a hardened steel one. while i was doing that i took the time to tighten my slipper clutch. I put everything back together and ran the truck. I stripped my delrin spur gear which was supposed to be stronger than the stock. I replaced the spur gear and noticed that after the truck was put back together the rear wheels wouldn't spin freely. Also when I turned the wheels by hand the slipper clutch wouldn't turn. i removed the rear slip diff assemble and it began its working fine. however when I put the assembly together it skips as I turn the wheels. I put everything together and now when i turn the wheels , front or back the center drive shaft and, spur gear and pinion dont turn. what could be the problem. could it be that my slipper is too tight. I back it out one full turn
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    rear diff bearings,sounds like what mine was doing when they went bad

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    Check the bearings in the spur assembly.

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