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    Hmmmm.....Still trying to work the kinks out of the heat issues i've been having!

    This has been mind boggling for a little while now. I just dont get it, well havent gotten it, or however you want to state it. LOL I still have the truck on the table by my current Rustler build waiting in line for some attention. I was going to hit it up after I was done with this, but i'm at a hold on that build. I started by splitting the rear bulk from the chassis. Pulled the upgraded slipper & motor and checked the motor mount bearing and same for the slipper. All are good. If you remember I was here a few weeks ago and checked the motor bearings and they spin like butter. Just going through and double checking areas i might have missed. So far everything is looking good. Cleaning everything up along the way. I even checked the CF tail boom just to see if it might be rubbing or binding, none whatsoever. Ummm just baffled.

    Since I have the rear separated from the chassis I start inspecting the carrier bearings. I hear/ feel something kinda rough on the passenger side wheel area. Kinda hard to tell where its actually coming from. Is it the output bearing, not sure. Unbolted the wheel and separate the camber link from the carrier and spin the shaft smooth on the bulk side. Urrrr....I think split the shaft and put that side back in the carrier, its grinding really bad. Oh shoot one of the bearings is bad. WooHooo. I change both of those out. Yay, smooth as butter again. I did the same to the driver side to. While I'm there I tear the bulk in pieces and inspect the diff and those bearings also. Cleaned them up and they still feel really good. I bolt all this back up and set it to the side.

    Thats what I've found so far and where I stopped at. I'll be moving to the front to check all the bearings and such. You know 4x4's and and CC 2400kv motor make it tough to find something binding. LOL I knew I was going to have to do this and hope this is what is caused extra binding and heat related issues.

    Any input on your thoughts??
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