So I just picked up the Stampede VXL ,and got the HiTec X1 AC Plus charger for it.

Can anyone tell me in simpler terms on how to charge my NiMh batteries with it?? The included manual sucks, and other forums I've read were really hard to understand. Guy at the hobby shop said that it can have one charged in just under an hour at 4 amps. I let it run at 4A and it went over an hour withouth shutting off. I've got a Traxxas 70-cell, 8.4 3000 MAH, and a DTX 8.4V, 4600mAh hump pack. And yes I know I should be running LiPo lol, but I don't want to destroy the truck so I'll stick with the wimpier batteries lol.

Any help is greatly appreciated