After reading Markman's thread 'Meet Cera', and watching all of his youtube video's 'felsenpanzer's channel', I decided it was time to make my own tube cage. So with that, to Markman I say thank you and you suck

Lucky me, this torch was on sale at Lowes for $39.
'Bernzomatic BZ9400 quickfire'

I bought a bunch of 3/16" solid rod also from Lowes.

And I'm using this brazing solder from my Local Ace Hardware. 56% silver high temp brazing solder with high temp brazing flux.
'high temp brazing kit'

I'm lovin this torch, pull the trigger and you have flame, let go and the flame's out. The replacement MAPP gas canisters are $7 and available at Lowes.

I left just enough clearance to change battery's without removing the cage.