I ordered Traxxas TQI with the docking station to my Rally, but now I'm not sure what are the telemetry parts I need before I can get any data out of my car. I'm mostly looking for top speed information, so I can go without Temp/Voltage etc information. I found this list from net, and I wonder what are the parts that I must have before I can use my dock+iphone with my Rally.

PN#6523 - Temp/Voltage Telemetry Sensor (short)

PN#6522 - RPM Telemetry Sensor (short) <------------------- Must one right?

PN#6543 - Power Tap for Voltage (short)

PN#6535 - Temp Sensor Mount for Electric Motors

PN#6540 - Telemetry Trigger Magnet <-------------------- Must one right?

PN#7379R - Telemetry-Ready Gear Cover (12 Titan) or 7077R Gear cover (Velineon 380 brushless motor 7077) <------------------- Must one right?
PN#7045R, or 7046R or 7047R - Telemetry-Ready Spur Gear <-------------- Must one right?