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    Fuel differences?

    What are the differences in the different fuels? I have used Byron 20% and Dynamite Blue Thunder 20%. The blue thunder runs way better!!!!! On the Byron it just seems........laggy. I have herd that the Byron is way better then the Traxxas top Fuel? I am just wondering...thanks for all your knowledge

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    Nitro fuel may contain castor oil, synthetic oil, or a mixture of both.

    Bryan 20%
    RACE 1600 Gen2 and RACE 2000 Gen2 are blended with 12% total lubrication while RACE 2500 Gen2 and RACE 3000 Gen2 are blended with an 11% total oil content. RACE 1600 Gen2 (16% nitro) and RACE 2500 Gen2 (25% nitro) are specifically designed for international competitions which limit the nitro percentages of 1/10 and 1/8 scale cars.

    Blue Thunder HP8 20%
    Formulated for the demands of 1/8 big-block engines
    8% castor-enhanced blend for crisp throttle response
    Race-proven lubricant package for unmatched protection
    Achieves optimum temperature faster for precise tuning
    For experienced engine tuners

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    i tried blue thunder and i believe it may have messed up my engine because it wont tune now when i'm using my traxxas top fuel it may just be me but i like running rich to save on glow plugs but the blue thunder wont have it

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