Hey all,

Very much new to the RC world, and bought my 7 yr old son a Slash with the Titan 12T about a month ago. Saw how much fun he was having and bought myself one too A month and 30 battery packs later, we've grenaded two 12Ts. I'm not sure if it was heat or trash that did them in, but I've decided to upgrade both trucks to Velineon 3500s and take care of any trash issues we may be having. We run on a packed dirt track that I built for us, but it can get a fine dust on it when dry, so the cars are working fairly hard. Certainly harder than pavement or the packed clay tracks I see on YouTube.

Anyway, long story short, I want to select gearing for our trucks that will keep approximately the same top speed, while reducing our temps well below safe levels. I'm after absolute maximum reliability until he gets older, then we can think about boosting his speed more when hes paying for his own repairs And I don't want to replace another motor anytime soon.

So the way I understand it, the Titan 12T is a 3100kv motor, so with an 8.4V battery, it would be turning ~26,000 RPM (assuming perfect efficiency, which its not. Probably closer to 24,000 RPM?) And the Velineon 3500 would be turning around 29,400 RPM (again, perfect efficiency, so probably closer to 28,000 RPM?)

Our Slashes are 19/90 geared from factory, so I'm thinking with the Velineons extra RPMs, I have to drop my pinion size down quite a bit to keep the same approximate top speed, right? Probably to 16 teeth?

Since the Slash VXL is factory geared at 23/86, I'm thinking that at 16/90, we shouldn't have a single worry about heat (I'll bring my heat gun from work to be sure)? How about at 19/90 or 19/86, should we decide we need more speed?

With the gearing taken care of, I now need to look to other things to do to take care of reliability. We're up here in the boonies, with the closest hobby store being hours away, and most mail order being at least 4 days away. Thus far I've ordered Boca bearings for both (sons Slash got dunked and he'd having some bearing issues now), a spare trans idler gear, a spare transmission, aluminum STRC rear bearing carriers, ProLine Powerstrokes (for his anyway, since a cap popped off and he lost the rubber seal), RPM front a-arms and aluminum caps for my shocks. Probably get some RPM rear arms too and a couple aluminum bell cranks. What else do I need to consider having around?

Thanks in advance for any help, and I look forward to continuing with this forum. Also apologize if this has been covered before, but a quick search didn't really net me any results.