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    T-Maxx Brushless Conversion

    I bought this T-Maxx from a friend off of another forum who bought it from someone else. It has aluminum bulkheads, skids, bumpers, steel cvd's and integy piggy back shocks that I will be transferring over. I bought a rolling chassis embe for my flm build so I will be taking the chassis, diffs, arms, and 17mm adapters from that. I will rit dye the chassis black probably tonight. I have taken a mamba monster 2200 system off my slash to use with this build. I had problems with the speed control but I just received the replacement from castle today in the mail. I already have traxxas center steel cvd's along with ue knucklehead shock towers, rpm skid protectors and revo rear end links that will go towards this build
    From ebay I ordered a red/black embe body, robinson racing 7960 spur gear, stock links/carrier knuckles/servo saver/rx box/transmission/motor mount plate and 2 spc 5400 50c 2s batteries.
    I really enjoy building the vehicle more than driving it but I have fun with that too. I will probably upgrade to an rpm true track later and upgrade anything that breaks as I go along. I'm going to need help identifying the aluminum parts that the truck came with and the cvd's.

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