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    Integy revo 3.3 roll cage for slayer pro 4x4

    Will this roll cage fit slayer pro 4x4? After crash I broke exhaust header and some other parts. If anybody try this roll cage, they can say their opinion.

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    Be warned, it's made by Integy. Their products aren't the best, and most of the time they don't very well, or at all. The metal they make their parts out of is low quality, and tends to be really soft and bendable. But, it still works well as a roll cage, just don't expect it to be a work of art. It might not even fit, as the holes to mount it won't line up. Here is a link to it in case you still want it. It's made for the Revo 3.3, but it will still fit on the Slayer. So yes, it will fit, but being from Integy, you never know. Hope this helps!
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