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    Ok, ok, I'll try to calm down, but here it goes. I've had problems with my Slayer in the past with the throttle sticking, and a weird lean problem. I've always been able t get it running and fixed, and every thing has been fine for the last 15-20 tanks. About 2 runs ago I noticed nitro leaking from the carb when I primed it. It was running fine, so I didn't think much of it. Well, on my last run I ruined the clutch spring and ez start wires. So I replaced them this weekend. I got it out after school today to start it up and run it. But it wouldn't start. The ez start motor was turning over, but it wasn't starting. I took out the glow plug and it was fine, but I put a new one in anyway just to make sure. It still wouldn't start. When I was priming it, there was alot of nitro leaking out of the carb. So I took out the carb and there was a crack in the carb just under the hsn AGAIN!!!! I got out my old carb, and I switched everything over. I even replaced all of the fuel line too. But this time on the good carb, there is nitro leaking out between the fuel inlet and hsn gaskets. I ignored it, and it still would not start. I checked all of the ground wires, and every thing was making contact with metal, so that wasn't the problem... I returned the carb to factory specs, hsn 4 turns from bottom, and the lsn is now flush with the carb slide. It SILL wasn't starting. I checked the glow plug again, and it wasn't working. I then checked the old glow plug, and it wasn't working either. So now I have a bad glow plug wire AGAIN, and now I need to go out and buy a 4th STUPID CARB BODY!!! I LOVE nitro, but I'm SO stumped... Please help me fix this, I'm desperate! The fuel is the same fuel I've been using since I got my Slayer. I even tried opening my new gallon of nitro, and it did nothing. Could somthing be wrong inside of the engine, like a broken piston skirt? PLEASE HELP!!!
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