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    Tips from a n00b....

    Not been in this game long and so here are my tips for any other newbies to the game...

    1: Get a RPM style bumper...saved me from soooo many bad landings.

    2: Always take your Allen/Hex Keys and wheel nut spanner! It's a pain when you get to site and find you can't play due to something minor.

    3: Always take two batterys at least. If you're like me eventually one will not be charged up when you turn it on as you picked the wrong pack up etc.

    4: Add a heat-sink/fan to the motor. When one pack is done and the motor is hot put the other pack in and turn it on. Then set it on it's side facing the any wind/breeze and with the lil fan blowing it will be cool and ready to run and much quicker than waiting for the heat to dissipate. Heat-sink paste also helps


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    Thats some good advice dude keep up the good work
    Famous last this!!!!

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