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    2 slayers in 2 years

    First off i would just like to say hello.

    Now that thats over here are some of my thoughts.
    I got my first slayer pro in spring of 2011 and it was a pain in the you know what right out the box but finally got it the first half gallon of fuel the plug wire went bad then shortly after that the easy start motor quit on a new easy start motor from traxxas with no problems at all it was the best support i have ever ran great for the rest of the gallon of fuel. couldnt hold a tune and would over heat and eat plugs like they where candy after 2 or 3 laps.never got that problem fixed so i put it up for the winter and what do you know the garage burned down in feb and melted some parts and that was the end of that truck.

    Now you must be thinking man this guy is just going to bash traxxas and this truck well your wrong i love this truck so much i got another one with the ins money.

    truck #2

    I got this truck in june 2012 and left it in the box till i got the new garage done enough so that i could work in i pulled it out and got it holding idle in about 30 min.that alot better than the 2 hrs it took me to get the old one i havent got to break it in and play with it yet but it seems like the plug wire is already shot cause i had to use my plug ignighter to get it to start. so i guess im just going to have to cut that wire off this one too. thats all i got on this truck so far hopefully i can get it broke in and get the springs and hex nuts off my old truck so i can get my 1:8 buggy wheels on and get to bashing and alittle track time in if its still there.

    Looking forword to all the help and ideas i can get from this forum.
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