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    e-revo problem with nimh bronto batteries?

    Hi there! I just bought an e-revo and I'm loving it. I have 2 battery packs. The original that came with the package and I bought (after the vendor confirmed it was compatible with my system) 2 Bronto batteries. Nimh 5000 Mah at 8.4 volt. I use a smart charger sky rc e6680 (see pics).
    I'm running my truck since 4 days now... the other times I was running in training mode to get used to it. Today I ran in sport mode for the first time and really had a go with it. The original pack run smoothly. I waited 10 mins and I started using the bronto packs. I run it hard for 15 minutes I would say until the batteries started to give in. I swithched it offm, disconnected the batteries and when I took them out they were really hot. Actually one was so hot that melted the battery cover... See pics....

    What happened? I'm running everything original out of the box and this was the first time i run at 100% power.....

    ARe my Bronto packs dead? If I killed them, why? I even asked the vendor if everything was compatible before buying and they confirmed.... also isn't the esc supposed to cut the power in case of overheating?

    Help please,
    Thanks a bunch.


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