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    Need some upgrade advice

    I know there are about 1000 posts for upgrades and I have gone over a couple of them and come up with a basic set plan right now for the 100 dollars I have to spend on improvements. After I get a little more money in I am wondering what else should I get, not looking for electronics yet however.

    Currently I have selected the following:
    Traxxas Aluminum Motor Heat Sink
    Traxxas 7028X Hollow Balls Steel Machined
    Traxxas Shock Spring GTR (2)(2.06 rate Tan
    Shock Spring GTR (2)(2.22 rate Black
    RPM 80602 Rear Upper/Lower A-Arms Black 1/16 E-Revo Black
    RPM 80692 Front Upper/Lower A-Arms Black 1/16 E-Revo
    HR Aluminum Knuckles-Axle Carriers VXS2101, 1/16 MINI Revo (Is GPM better, tough choice)

    Is there anything I should add to the current list that I will need to make everything work together? Also what else should be on my list for when I get some extra money (minus electronics) ? I've heard Aluminum shocks and different rockers but what is a good upgrade for those?

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    i have gh carriers the hr have a round hole that some have has the pillow ball pull through. gh and gpm are square.
    here is a good deal on shock bodies .99 shipping !

    if you have the stock servo an upgrade is a must search 390 servo or like a hitec 5085
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