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    Tire Recommendation - Big Joe, Interco Super Swampers, Trenchers or Mud Slingers


    What tires/wheels would you guys recommend to get for the Summit for all around bashing and trail driving (not crawling).

    - Proline Big Joe (original) 3.8" (40 Series) mounted on Axial 8-Spoke Oversize Beadlock Wheel Black (AX8042)
    - Proline Interco TSL SX Super Swamper 3.8" (10111-13)
    - Proline Trencher X 3.8" (1184-11)
    - RC4WD Mud Slingers Monster Size 40 Series 3.8" Tires (Z-T0016) mounted on ??

    I'm really digging the look of the Big Joe's but curious if the extra width will rub or break parts, otherwise the simplicity of pre-glued Prolines (Trenchers or Super Swampers) is hard to beat for bashing.

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    I still have the stock tires, but from what I've gathered trenchers are the way to go. Hopefully others can give u more answers.

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    I have the tires from the Axial Yeti XL, on proline 3.8 wheels. The tires are a tiny bit taller than stock, and not quite as soft. But they are thicker material, so they work well for ripping around in my gravel driveway, and still do well on trails and rocks and tree roots.

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    Im not a big fan of the big joes myself. I had a set on my summit for a few runs and was just not impressed. The mud slongers are pretty darn good if you cut out every other lug. I have really got alot of use out of mine. But i think i will end up with trenchers myself. I put them on my xmaxx and i love them. and i know of a guy on this forum that has done alot of crawling with trenchers and likes them alot.
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