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    Ok I have been trying to find information on this for about 3 hours and cannot seem to grasp it maybe someone here can help. I currently am running a slash 4x4 and using nimh batteries and recently bought a tenerggy tb6ac charger. Now I want to cycle my batteries and find out what kind of charge they are holding like mah rating. So my thought is to charge all the way then run a disharge cycle(at what level to discharge?) and see what mah it puts out so that would give me how much mah the battery is actually holding so if it starts to drop to say umm i dont know 4600 then is it bad??? Thanks in advance I have been reading so much information and for some reason cannot get my head to wrap around how to do this. I hear people all the time say the charger can tell you a lot about your battery health but I dont see it >?

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    I wouldn't do it with a tenergy charger, Not a very accurate charger from my experience.
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    your best bet is to follow the manufacture's instructions. Don't be surprised when this thread is closed as it does not pertain to a traxxas item.
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