Hello, I have been out of the hobby for a few years (new child=no time). Now I want to bring my old slash back to form, just to bash with, no racing. I have a 2S 5600mAH Lipo but my stock XL-5 is toast. Which brushless combo would be good for backyard bashing? I want fast, reliable, water resistant, under $175, and able to handle 3S Lipos if I so choose down the road. I was considering either a 1/10 scale 550 sized motor (somewhere between 3000-4400kV's), or maybe 1/8 scale... $$$, but maybe more reliable? I don't want anything I have to ship from China. Also, I'm not trying to start a flamewar but I would prefer not to be Velineon either, its just that I have lost a few XL5's and don't want another Traxxas ESC... Best bang for the buck? Castle, Tekin, Novak, others? Thanks, believe it or not I did look through old threads for help first! I will worry about upgrading drivetrain later, after I break something