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    Hey all,

    A friend of mine just got his first RC! He went with the Pede 2wd. One of my personal favorites. I am not 100% which model he got but it is an xl5(blue esc) with the titan 12T.

    The connector on the battery and charger are some that I have never seen. I usually cut them off right away and use deans as that is what all my stuff has on it. Anyway the connectors are black traxxas plugs but they are oval not rectangular.

    The guy at Hub Hobby sold him a second battery and it has the rectangular connector. Now he cycled and drove each of the batteries with said charger plugged into his car 12v. The oval charger and esc seemed to accept the plug no problem.

    Is this normal? What are the 2 different plugs?

    Also his charger went out on him after charging each battery twice. It is a charger that only has a cigarette lighter 12v plug on it. Is that common, I have seen a lot of bad reviews on that charger.

    Thanks TK.
    R/C Sith Lord

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    New Traxxas ID plugs...
    Trash the rinky dink charger and get a better one.

    Traxxas's reasoning for NiMH's with ID...
    with LIPO's....
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