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    Question EZ Start won't even spin ?

    Alright folks, I really need your help.

    After maybe 10 tanks of fuel. My truck won't start !
    I changed the grow plug and soon I plug the EZ start to it, it spin like a sec and stop, try to push that red
    button again and it just do nothing. No spin and both of the green light were off.

    Take the grow plug out and connected to the blue wire, try to spin it again, it will spin but the glow plug
    light were off and the little wire in the grow plug won't light up. Try several brand new plugs all happen the same.

    Unplug the starter from the truck and push the red button, the motor light were on.

    What is going ?

    please help.

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    When was the last time you charged the battery? Simply connecting the blue wire to the glow plug and hitting the starter button will not get it to glow unless you ground the threads on a non-anodized part of the engine (hence the yellow wire).
    As for the starter, it could be that the battery is low.
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    Thank You Double G.
    I thought that if the green light were on that indicated the starter still have batt.
    I will charge the batt. again and see if I can start it tomorrow.

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